Welcome to The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston

Welcome to the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston.  The FFFH is the first of its kind to provide non-govermental funding for the purchase of life-saving equipment needed everyday by the Houston Fire Deparment. 

Ever-increasing demands on the city of Houston's budget have not allowed funding to adequately fund more than the essentials for the deparment.  The FFFH was founded in 2006 to bridge this gap.  Funds raised by the foundation go directly to purchase equipment needed by the department and with an extremely low overhead, nearly every dollar raised is used to pruchase equipment that just might save your life, the life of a family member or that of a neighbor. 

For more than 150 years we have depended on these brave men and women--our first responders--to protect us and to save lives...now it is up to use to "have their backs" as we do our part to help them and the ones they help. 

The FFFH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the first of its kind to provide equipment for the Fire Department.  We exist only to provide the best tools, technology and equipment for our fire fighters. 

Won't you help too?  Your donations are tax deductible and you can be helping to save lives too. 

                 Thank you,  


           Lee Vela, Chairman 


Commemorative T-Shirts Fire Fighters of Houston

If you would like to order a commemortive t-shirt, just make a $20 donation.  Each shirt comes with a free Chick-fil-A gift card!  While supplies last.  Be sure to leave your address and shirt size so we can mail you your shirt!  Thank you! 

The Houston Fire Department Memorial

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